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Philosophy and other academic fields often feel confusing and detached from reality. I want to explore intersection of philosophy with other disciplines through a lens of practicality. My goal is to make to make my writing enjoyable and easy enough even for your mom to understand!

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My name is Ali. My team and I are building netproject.org, using philosophy and tech to help people answer life's biggest questions, like “what should we do?” and “why?” Lots of the insights we use are original and research-backed; my substack will explore those insights and the broader implications of philosophy in culture and elsewhere. I studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and wrote my thesis on Meaning and Wellbeing, exploring the subject from these lenses. After college, I worked in regulatory finance for 2.5 years. During this time, I continued to tinker on ideas for what we’re building at netproject.org and read more research. 

When will netproject.org be released? What are bottlenecks?

I want more than anything to get netproject.org released and in user’s hands, helping people. But I want to do it right. Iteration through feedback is good but I think if done unwisely you can learn the wrong lessons. It’s good to “move fast,” but “break[ing] things” can lead to undesirable social outcomes.

Right now are biggest bottlenecks are engineering help and funding help. If you can help with either, please reach out to me at ali.kapadia@netproject.org or on any social media network. Starting this substack was partially motivated not just by the desire to share valuable knowledge, but also reaching more people who could help or learn about netproject.org. If nothing else, subscribing to this substack and sharing it with others (it’s free!), will help with this since more people will see what we’re doing!


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